Recycling appliances

July 5, 2015

Tens of thousands of people

IMG_1266_webCurbside assortment of appliances including environment compressors, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, washers/dryers, water heating units, microwaves, evaporative coolers, etc. can be obtained and needs to be planned ahead of time.

For client convenience, the cost for this solution is put into your monthly City of Mesa household bill.

Why must I recycle my appliances?

  • Safe Freon elimination - Since 1992, federal law forbids the production of ozone depleting refrigerants into the atmosphere. Freon should be very first be taken off appliances by an avowed specialist before they could be recycled.
  • Save all-natural sources - Appliances tend to be broken down into components and recycled accordingly.

Exactly what times are for sale to get in my own area?

Appliance Range Day Boundary Map & Schedule [PDF]

Picture of device boundary mapExactly how much does it price?

Mesa residents should be charged .31 for every device picked up at their house. There's also a payment for every device which has Freon.

How do I schedule this solution?

To get ready for pickup, as well as for safety factors, please proceed with the tips down the page associated with refrigerators, freezers or freezer chests, ovens, or any other appliance that'll pose a risk to kids:

  • Pull fridge and/or fridge doorways.
  • Tape fridge and/or fridge doors closed making use of powerful tape.
  • Set ice box and/or fridge on curb with doorways face down.

*If you'll want to cancel or reschedule, a 24-hour advance notice is needed and you may achieve this by calling (480) 644-6789. A visit fee of $10.74 should be considered if items are not in the curb when our crew comes.

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