Where to Recycling old appliances?

May 22, 2015

For Recycling Old Fridge

Recycling & REUSE Sources AT CJ

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As a service to your community, we offer several drop-off recycling services during our regular store hours just:

If you fail to visit your item on this page, you cannot bring it to CJ, but kindly have a look at our other areas to Recycle It! page for facts about various other businesses providing recycling.

Freon Appliances: air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers.

We usually do not collect freon devices (unless the appliances are included in a kitchen area set donation). Kindly enter into the store to pay for the ten dollars fee, after that reverse your automobile towards the Donate Here doors to drop them off anytime during our regular business hours. The freon is taken away and never allowed to vent into the atmosphere, where it's been connected to ozone depletion. When the freon is taken away, your appliance will likely be recycled for the scrap metals. Your charge aids building Junction continuing to provide this community service.

Non-Freon Appliances: dishwashers, ovens, washers, dryers, stoves.

We try not to grab single devices (unless the devices are part of a kitchen set contribution). If you want to drop off an appliance, please reverse your car or truck to the Donate right here doors anytime during our regular business hours. Should your device is not working it is mainly steel you may still donate it and it'll be scrapped. If it is working, it'll enter our stock is sold, encouraging Construction Junction’s goal.

Scrap Steel

Any metal, metal, brass, copper, aluminum may be contributed to CJ for scrap. If you have any old rusty steel cabinets, equipment, quick items of metal men, etc., bring all of them to Construction Junction which help united states lower our disposal prices and market recycling. Kindly reverse your vehicle into Donate Here doors anytime during our regular business hours to help make your scrap metal donation. Please NEVER visit on dumpsters together with your products.

Lightbulbs and Ballasts

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