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July 20, 2014

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Carrot Residence

Carrot Residence tech Pte Ltd. made a strategic move into the ongoing future of home automation business because of the support from Economic developing Board of Singapore and Innovation and Technology Fund of Hong-Kong to form Carrot Residence tech Pte Limited in Singapore. Carrot Home had been set up to build up and promote a truly revolutionary wireless house automation system that's affordable, eco-friendly and a lot of trustworthy.

With a rich record as a methods integrator, we had been able to identify both advantages along with the disadvantages of packaging and integrating various residence automation products together. System integrators have the ability to provide economical approaches to the finish user. But the “price” of such something arises from lacking reliability and persistence. Despite its different well working specific elements, combining all of them will starve the perfect solution is when it comes to dependability. Having said this, these faculties are located much more pricey solutions where the parts, functions and technology tend to be created and built in-house. We at Carrot have observed this trend but developed a seamlessly working in-house house automation solution at a cost-effective price.

Carrot Home has-been a pioneer in the field of residence automation in the residential sector in Singapore, Asia, and Hong-Kong. Furthermore, we are driven not just to deploy “intelligent home solutions”, but we now have more evolved to cater for a complete lifestyle option – Delivery of a fully integrated life style option would enhance one’s residing by giving convenience, security, enjoyment in addition to comfort and atmosphere. We now have developed these unique solutions by production the latest cordless house automation systems. Through our detailed understanding of residential property development, research and comprehension of all aspects rendering it up, we could deliver the most useful domestic residing experience.

Our revolutionary cordless house automation system, CARROT, has-been set up in over 1, 800 residential devices in China and Hong-Kong both in the standard and high-end domestic devices. Additionally, we are in talks with various well-known property developers to deploy CARROT in their future new built and retro-fit jobs, additionally the contract under settlement has exceed 14, 000 residential products. We have been in addition pioneers in developing innovative and customized technologies that expand the frontiers of an advanced home based lifestyle. We're devoted to offer the newest and biggest house automation technology by constant item development for the residence automation market.

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