InControl Home automation

July 29, 2014

InControl Home Automation
InControl Home Automation SoftwareFrom novices to advanced users, InControl HA host professional has anything you need:-
  • Powerful smartphone Apps for Android os, Windows 8 mobile and iPhone. You receive control of your home automation products, from anywhere in the world.
  • Views & Triggers for advanced home cleverness giving you the capacity to help your house be certainly smart. Automatically turn down heat as soon as the residence is empty and change it back on again when you arrive home. Generate protection moments that notify you whenever unexpected motion takes place when you are away from home.
  • Custom script assistance for advanced level users. Execute complex programs as part of your views and causes. Also provides an open API to help you to write a custom controllers to incorporate other products into the system.

Note: This software requires our Z-Stick USB Controllers become pre-installed on your Windows Computer, allowing your computer to keep in touch with your various other Z-Wave products. Check-out our bundled provide and save!

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