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October 3, 2015

Dear Lifehacker, home

Turn your house Into a state-of-the-art Haven on the weekenduntil you purchase all devices from Sharper Image, chances are your house doesn't integrate effortlessly with all your elegant new technology. Turn your home into a futuristic tech haven this weekend by using these jobs.

Beef Up Your Existing Tech

You have some technology at home, but it could be much better. After all, most older TVs do not stream Netflix or have actually video gaming integral, as well as your telephone probably doesn't make an online search to help make calls.Turn your property Into a High-Tech Haven This Weekend Take all your low-tech devices and work out them high tech with jobs similar to this:

Gadget-ize Your Furnishings

Exactly What? Your end table doesn't charge devices, plus coffee-table doesn't play game titles? What is this, 1820? Okay, we're only kidding—but these things are possible utilizing the right furniture cheats. Try-on these projects for dimensions:

Automate Your Home with the aid of Technology

We've talked-about the secret of home automation prior to, including how to begin. There's nothing like controlling your home along with your vocals, or having your blinds immediately move themselves in line with the time. If you wish to switch your property into a true residence into the future, these more complex tasks are what you are finding.

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