Automated home Systems

December 5, 2018

Automated home systems

HAI Living RoomYou will find six fundamental actions to style a house automation system. They focus on picking your House Controller and continue with seeking the options that you want to go along with it.

Do you want security a part of your house control system ?

  • If you're shopping for a built-in UL Listed burglar and fire system, pick an HAI Omni house control system. The Omni family of residence control methods includes the OmniPro II, the Omni IIe, and Omni LT. Compare the Omni group of Residence Control techniques.
  • If security is certainly not essential or you have a security system, pick an HAI Lumina family home control system. The Lumina family members can incorporate with several security methods and includes all the various other great benefits that HAI home control methods support. The Lumina line includes the Lumina Pro and the Lumina. Compare the Lumina category of Residence Control Systems.

After you have determined which family of Home Controller to utilize, you then must determine which member of the Omni or Lumina family members to decide on. The dimensions of your house should determine which product you'll want to buy within either our Omni household or Lumina family of residence control systems.

Check out Hi-Fi by HAI

If you wish to incorporate sophisticated illumination control, we recommend utilizing our HAI Lighting Control (HLC) family of products. The affordable HLC range includes dimming switches, non-dimming switches, relay switches, additional switches, scene switches, mode switches, and home standing switches.

All HLC products are UL Listed and make use of Generation II Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™) – an electronic communications standard for illumination and residence control that guarantees superior dependability. You don't have to operate brand new cables so long as you have actually a neutral cable at switch location.

HLC products do not require a home control system. But whenever you add an HAI home control system towards HLC set up, you will get the capability to improve your light settings by the time of time, a collection routine, because of the triggering of occasions (including movement), via a call, Touchscreen, or by a pc connected to the Internet.

Our Omni and Lumina categories of house control methods have actually integrated help for UPB™ generally there isn't any want to increase any modules for illumination. To design a lighting control system merely select a dimmer or switch from our HLC product line for each load in your home. Like: choose a 35A00-1 600W Dimmer to manage a light that you'd...

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