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July 17, 2014

Nous House - Smart Home

Nous House - Smart Home Automation SpecialistsThere is nothing nicer than using your iPad whilst lying back lazing on your sofa, reading the latest news, emailing your friends or buying the latest gadget. It is now a ubiquitous device in many if not most households, but you will find it has scope far beyond its initial anticipated uses. How about using it as a Home Automation system controller? Enter iPad Home Automation, that is controlling your 'Smart Home' with an iPad.

As it would happen, there are many home automation systems now touting control by the iPad. All have very nice looking graphical user interfaces and provide varying degrees of functionality.
iPad Home Control and iPad Home Automation In this article, I discuss using the Apple iPad in your home automation system and tell you a bit about the various ways people tend to deploy them in their Smart Home Automation system.
I do note that while the iPad makes a very nice home automation controller, it does have limitations firstly just in convenience when compared with an iPhone / Android phone (see our iPhone Home Automation
Wall Mounted iPad Home Automation Controller Configuration
This mode of operation directly attempts to fulfil the role normally played by a dedicated home automation controller.iPhone Wiser Control To fulfil this role with aplomb, you are going to need a nice iPad wall mount for your iPad and an understanding of the mode of operation and what applications you will likely want that iPad to run.
By 'mode of operation' I refer to the question, after installation, will this become a dedicated device or do I want to bring my own iPad home on a nightly basis and use it for this function as an adjunct to its normal use? This decision sways the sort of wall mounting solution you will choose.
Consideration should be given to the applications that you want to run in addition to running the iPad as home automation system controller, as this will likely effect the final location and whether you want to wall mount it high or low on the wall.iRoom iDock Ejectable Wall Mount Whilst it can be lower on the wall (like standard light switch height) if acting primarily as a home automation controller, it doesn't for instance make much sense using your iPad as a music source for distributed audio if the controller is low on the wall like a light switch as this makes it hard to read and interract with the iTunes (or other audio software like Sonos etc), or for reading the news or using it for internet access as the required heavy use of swipes and small buttons pushes are best performed/accessed around chest height with your face closer to the screen. Also, the heights of the primary home users should also be considered.
iPad Home Automation Solutions & Software for wall mounted use
Clipsal Wiser Home Automation Controller
he Clipsal Wiser Home Control is an advanced home automation controller that can enhance the home automation system in your home by providing you a multi-device accessible graphical user interface (GUI) to your home automation system that facilitates single point control of your music media, home theatre equipment, air conditioning, lighting, blinds, sun-blinds, curtains and shutters, security systems, access control, pool plant, sprinkler systems and other systems running on your C-Bus network. (For more information about Clipsal C-Bus see our article in Smart Home Automation concepts)

iPort CM-IW2000 iPad Mount Vidabox iPad On-Wall Frame iPort Launchport Push Controls Media Room

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