Z-Wave home automation Systems

September 12, 2015

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Fibaro Residence Center 2Fibaro program, Poland based wise automation/control system brand. The company offers cordless smart residence automation solution used Z-Wave protocol. The company provides Residence Center 2, Home Center Lite system, many wireless detectors and add-ons (including motion sensor, flooding sensor, smoke sensor, door/window sensor, RGBW LED lamp, smart wall surface plug).

#1. Professional Wi-fi Automation Program

Fibaro reported that their particular system is the greatest answer for domestic and commercial building automation in the marketplace. Due to apply for the cordless technology, people can upgrade existing electric system with Fibaro miniaturized segments. Also, the device doesn't utilize hardwired cable for communication. Once the system installed, Fibaro system could be uninstalled or relocated as soon as you want to change the interior planning of your house or office.

# 2. Wide range of protection automation sensors

Fibaro adopts Z-Wave protocol to give you complete freedom of control and interaction. The system can work with countless several types of Z-Wave detectors and add-ons from over 300 independent producers. Also, it may make use of wireless network camera enables you to from another location monitor your home or office. Enabling you to stay in touch plus control. View real time video clip from everywhere with any online computer and smartphones.Fibaro Motion Sensor in addition, Fibaro offers multi-sensor technology (4-in-1) based revolutionary movement sensor, wired/wireless smoke sensor (with fire heat recognition), wired/wireless flooding sensor plus.

no. 3. Powerful Z-Wave Control Product

Residence Center 2, Home Center lite are Z-wave enabled home automation hubs. Residence Center 2 is an easy running system centered on effective Intel ATOM 1.GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 2GB SLC hard disk drive. The system can connect with the local router via wired Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Fibaro Home Center 2 and Residence Center Lite supports combined functionality and many various views. Home Center Lite is Cortex A8 based system, it can connect to 230 Z-Wave products. Fibaro methods are suitable for 3rd party products like Sonos speaker, Nest thermostat, iRobot and netatmo’s services and products. Its system can connects to security sensors, digital cameras, alarm methods, sprinklers, front door, lighting, heating system, and shutters.

#4. Cat eye Movement Sensor

Fibaro motion sensor is a pet eye ball design 4-in-1 motion sensor, provides a wide industry view and long range motion recognition. It offers integrated 4 different detectors including motion sensor for burglary detection, temperature sensor to gather heat data, degree sensor to identify vibration, light sensor to detect power of light (Lux). The motion sensor can not only detect intrusion, and help you to develop scenarios.

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