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October 9, 2015

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Roller Covers

Paint rollers are popular for many interior and exterior projects as a result of speed of application and versatility they offer. Since most wall surface shows are created for roller application, you'll be able to to generate a smooth finish faster using a paint roller.

To choose an excellent paint roller, you should look at two features: roller cover product and roller nap size.

Paint roller covers (or sleeves) are produced from three types of products: lamb's-wool, synthetic fabric and foam. Roller building determines use:

Lamb's-wool Covers

Are great for oil-based paints and all sorts of surface textures (smooth, semi-smooth and harsh).

Artificial Fabric Covers

Are great for water-based shows and all area designs (smooth, semi-rough and harsh).

Foam Covers

Are ideal for oil or high-gloss latex paints and work nicely on smooth or textured areas.

Roller Cover "Nap''

The roller cover product is called the "nap". Covers can be purchased in varying nap lengths to allow for the textures of different surfaces. Nap lengths are usually described in after manner:

Nap Length


3/16" to 1/4" • Smooth areas
• material doors, interior doors and trim, cupboards
• ideal for semi-gloss or gloss coatings
• along with oil- and water-base enamels
3/8" to 1/2" • moderate (semi-smooth) areas
• Use on painted or unpainted walls
• perfect for walls and ceilings
3/4" to 1" • Semi-rough surfaces
• ideal for stucco
1 1/4" to at least one 1/2" • additional rough surfaces
• Use on stone and masonry
• Use for painting cinder block and sequence link walls

Standard wall rollers, utilized in large open places, tend to be 7 to 12-inches broad. Specific rollers (created for painted round surfaces or corners) are 2 to 18-inches large.

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