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October 18, 2015

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This analysis was published on July 16, 2014. Since that time, the product may have been discontinued or replaced. Prices and availability varies from what is reported within the review.

About apartment-sized refrigerators, services and products frequently get into 1 of 2 camps: Expensive and great, or overpriced and unimpressive.

Couple of apartment fridges manage to combine attractive price, overall performance, and design very so well since the 10.1 cubic base LG LBN10551PV (MSRP $899.99).

The alternative to the now-discontinued LG LRBP1031T, this compact bottom freezer is ideal for stylish—but small—kitchens.

Design & Usability

The reflective, stainless finish gives this inexpensive apartment refrigerator a high-end feel.

Smooth and stainless-ish

The LG’s vinyl-coated stainless-style outside, along with its delicate horizontal whole grain, isn't only snazzy—it’s also incredibly difficult to smudge. That, with the seamless look provided by the recessed manages, offers this fridge a decidedly high-end appearance. Plus, the doors are reversible. Beware—if you're looking to outfit a whole kitchen area, the LG's finish don't rather match other true stainless appliance.

Internally, you’ve got glass shelves with a mixture of white and obvious synthetic. Both the main section and door provide a small amount of customizability, yet not quite a bit. The shelves tend to be lightweight adequate that adjusting all of them or using them out to clean is easy. It’s a somewhat bare-bones design that however feels rather sturdy.

There's no integral icemaker, you get an awesome small ice cube tray!

LG LBN10551PV Ice Trayin fridge, you’ve got a couple of four drawers that fall fairly efficiently, though do not require glide available rather so effortlessly as fridge’s crisper. The freezer compartments provide a varying selection of depths and levels, so you should be good when it comes to effortless company inspite of the decreased door storage space.

Sure, you might not be able to fit a family-sized frozen pizza within, however again, there actually aren’t any apartment-sized fridges that enable that do this.

Stellar overall performance with just minimal edge advantages

Exactly what actually blew united states away about this LG ended up being how really it been able to cool off our test products. Both areas had been spot-on with regards to temperatures, regardless of a warm spot near the the surface of the fridge. It’s a standard flaw in apartment-sized models, and not a deal breaker.

The controls tend to be structured and easy to utilize, however the dark font means they are notably hard to review.

Little freezers in small refrigerators tend to be less constant in comparison to their particular full-sized counterparts, but this LG’s freezer was fantastic. Remarkably constant and outstandingly cool, it’ll do a great job keeping freezer burn from increasing.

This LG's fridge ended up being great.

The crisper was just so-so, a little even worse than average although not by a ton. It offers anything known as a Vitamin Plus filter attached to 1 side. There was clearlyn’t such a thing inside user manual describing what it really’s for, but we’re likely to utilize contextual clues to believe it’s likely to keep your produce fresher. Whether or not it works, well… your estimate can be good as ours.

A tray for eight eggs? Truly? At least you can go it around.

Functions definitely aren’t a feature because of this design. You can get a tiny ice cube tray—no integrated icemaker for this model—and a removable tray for... eight eggs? It is some a random number, but at least the tiny tray could be placed wherever you want.

Technical features are slightly more prominent. In addition to adjusting the heat, the controls—which are made in to the the top of primary refrigerator compartment’s frame—have buttons for an express frost and an eco-friendly mode. In addition, this design is capable of getting error information utilizing LG's Smart Diagnosis.

An Apartment-Sized Treasure

Both refrigerator and fridge tend to be efficiently cooled, causeing this to be outstanding all-around product for the apartment's trendy home.

High-end style supported by exemplary overall performance

Although you may possibly not be getting a lot of additional devices or an integrated icemaker, this compact small jewel gives you exceptional overall performance at a reasonable price.

Market products like this do not frequently get huge discounts: We monitored down an average retail cost of about $800—quite reasonable for a fridge this great. If it’s still excessive, give consideration to getting it in white for $100 less.

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