Vintage Small Appliances

November 5, 2016

How to Organize Small Kitchen

pokey vs gumbyWhat things to feature within the uploader this weekend? Over one the Twitter web page — nearly 22, 000 FB pals today! — Michelle suggested:

What about a photo share thread with everyone’s quirky vintage little devices? What they're, the way they work, for which you found all of them… i've a couple fun ones!

Well, heck to the yeah, i've several enjoyable people myself, and was getting my digital camera out stat. Note: Little kitchen appliance just within session– no tresses dryers, alarm clocks, vintage stoves, etc. — we’ll do those another time. Above: gets props for a hilarious picture shoot. Keep reading for instructions — let’s visit your tiny kitchen appliances! –>

Uploader shut — But thanks such for playing every person — it was good one! Come back Fridays around noon, and view exactly what we’ll be revealing this next weekend.

Tips to see fall tv show: Click on first image… it will probably enlarge and you will in addition review my captions… move ahead or right back via arrows below the photo… you could start or visit any image:

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