Small Kitchen Appliances covers

December 23, 2014

Small Kitchen Appliances

Towel cover for mixer.Keep your small kitchen appliances clean and bright within the room with colorful, ornamental covers. It is helpful tips about

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By Ann Winberg 306 239

Staying in a small residence, my stand mixer must be left out in the counter. To really make it kind of blend in, we made a cover from a towel.

Approximate Time: ten full minutes


  • 2 hand towels
  • sewing-machine optional


There are numerous techniques to do that.

Fold a bath towel end-to-end and sew down both ends making a pillow-case to slip down over your mixer. It really is that simple.

One other way - Lay two tiny hand towels incorrect edges together and stitch down one end, throughout the lengthy side and back the other short end. You've got now rapidly made a cover for your stand mixer.

Be sure to determine your mixer before you purchase your towels to be sure they're large enough then decide which means you intend to get.

Strawberry and blueberry covers.You should make use of a tiny bathtub towel, fold it in half end to end and stop the extra. Then only sew the two available sides. Save the additional and then make a potholder by folding it over repeatedly and stitching all over sides.

Can potentially be hand-sewn.

By Ann from Loup City, NE

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By Frugal Sunnie 11 1, 697

It can save you money by making a small appliance covers. I personally use plastic table covers which will make sturdy, wipe clean tiny appliance covers.

I have made anything from toaster and blender covers to atmosphere poppers (for popping corn) with-it. I specially love the wipe clean factor as I do most baking and wow does my small hand mixer prefer to send splatter throughout the workshop!

You may want to buy the vinyl from the roll at most of the bigger crafting stores. The rolls come dining table width so get a yard (or metre if you should be within the UK) from it along with adequate to make covers for everything within home! I do not you will need to "stitch and switch" by stitching right sides together with this fabric. Alternatively We seam incorrect sides collectively after that use seam binding tape in a no cost or matching colour.

My latest ready is made from a mouth-watering photographic print of strawberries and blueberries. I experienced sufficient left to create a pleasant apron too (structure and guidelines for the apron is available in the under link too. Follow on around to get the apron info).

Totally free habits and instructions for stitching the covers making use of all kinds of materials are present right here:

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